Steps to Renew Auto Insurance Online

Steps to Renew Auto Insurance Online

Life is rife with uncertainties, and there may be good news or really bad news at the next corner! In terms of car driving in India, there are many hazards that drivers are vulnerable to on the roads. The bad condition of roads, speeding cars on the highways, one second’s lapse of judgement on the wheel, and so many other factors conspire to create unfavourable conditions for car owners.

But while you cannot go through life fearing an accident, you can certainly ensure your peace of mind by taking a good car insurance policy. There are a range of car insurance policies to choose from in India. However, the best plans can fall by the wayside if the policy is inactive – the plan is of no consequence if you have missed the renewal date and it has lapsed.

Fortunately, it is easy to renew the policy in just a few steps online. The advantage of online renewal is that there is no need to enlist the help of an insurance broker, nor to issue any cheques for the same. The renewal is immediate and the money is debited directly from your bank account.

3 steps to auto insurance renewal:

Auto insurance renewal is done easily and quickly over the Internet. All you need are your policy details and a few minutes at your disposal. Your auto insurance renewal is done in 3 steps, as follows:

Access the insurer’s website

Your insurance provider will have already sent you the policy renewal date via SMS or email. On this date, or before, you can access the insurer’s website and click on ‘Policy renewal’. Under this, you will find two fields – ‘New customer’ and ‘Existing customer’. Select the one that applies to you and proceed as directed.

Fill out information correctly

The page now shows a form that you must fill out as directed, mentioning your policy details wherever necessary. The insurer now processes the information you supplied and takes a few seconds to ratify it. Once all the information is found correct, you will be directed to the next steps, i.e. the payment for auto insurance renewal.

Make the payment online

You can pay for the insurance renewal using your credit/debit card, or net banking. The payment is auto-debited from your bank account. Once the insurer accepts your payment and receives it, you are issued with an acknowledgement and receipt of the auto insurance renewal.

Your car insurance policy is now deemed renewed for a year. You must follow this same sequence the next time you renew the plan.