Advancements In Web Hosting

websHostingOver the years, web hosting has changed dramatically and this is partly due to the fact that hosting servers have constantly competed to get more customers. They know that people will never stop starting websites so they must be the host that gets the most customers. It has always been and will always be a race between web hosts. The servers are always changing so that they can one up each other every time a competitor advances in some way. There has actually never been an entire year that web hosting has remained the same. There are still records that are available today which report how web hosting was done decades ago. From back then to today, there have major advancements in web hosting and this is how it evolved:


The web hosting industry used to always involve workstations in big offices which are divided up into small cubicles for each employee. The server would frequently go down due to it being unplugged on accident by the cleaners or the neglect of the employees. This would cause the server to go down for an entire day sometimes. This seems like an ancient form of web hosting in the modern world. Web servers no longer work under employees’ desks.

Physical Servers

Later on, the web servers that were sitting under desks became too big and loud to fit there anymore so they moved on to server cabinets. Now, all of the web servers were hosted together at data centers. This means that there are no more cleaners with vacuum cleaners ruining a whole day’s worth of work. The main advantage of data centers is their power, connectivity, and hardware. Physical security and fire suppression is also a big benefit because only authorized people were let anywhere near the servers. Along with the new location, these web servers were now operated by specially trained teams that knew how to keep the systems running at all times with backup systems and immediate replacement of failed hardware. This change in web hosting is still used widespread around the world and was the first ever game changer in the hosting industry but not the last.

Virtual Servers

Even though the physical servers were becoming increasingly popular, there was still two problems, space and electricity. This is why evolution in web hosting still went on to become virtual servers. These separated the operating systems and the hardware the the servers run on. There are endless benefits when it comes to virtual servers but just like everything, they were not perfect yet. There were still finite resource problems that the developers of the servers had to fix. After virtual servers came together and functioned as a team under virtual clusters, this enhanced the power significantly. Even so, the capacity of the servers were still falling short because of the funds that were used in buying the hardware that remained unused.

Cloud Computing

cloud hosting The virtual servers system went on for quite a while but soon after, the data centers with physical servers realized that they had the same problem with the resources. They then created a code that allowed them to reach to the “clouds”. This is where cloud computing arose. This is a form of web hosting that has overcome all of the past obstacles and came out on top with great benefits including a decrease in operation costs, an international reach, distribution capabilities, and many more! Cloud computing is the type of web hosting that we use today but due to past experiences, it is more than likely that something new will pop up soon that has even more benefits.

Web designing

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